Natasia Shannon


My name is Natasia Shannon I’m 18 years old. I was born November 17,1998.I grew up in the best borough Harlem(Manhattan)Ny.I love reading. My favorite  genre is urban. I love to cook and eat at the same time. I love to make jokes and have fun. I’m  apart of a family with the ages  9,15,18,21 And 2. The youngest is my daughter Savannah.  Savannah was born December 31, 2014. I know right a New Years Eve baby!  One of the best times until we go back to school on January 2nd. But because I just had a baby and didn’t go through the healing process. My old  school decided for me to get home schooled. Which was hard because sometimes I be in the middle of a session learning and  I still had to go back and forth to  change her pamper, rock her to sleep and mainly breastfeed. It is challenging when you a teen mom and in school. But that didn’t stop me I was homeschool for 5 months. And return back to my original school by September. Many people believe I would drop out and not get far in life. But little  do everyone knows my daughter motivates me . A child should never stop your dreams. At the end you always want to show everyone  you can always make it in life  no matter what situation you’re in and never give up. Now I’m a senior in Pulse High School. And got accepted to 5 community colleges.

       Was  It a good  decision transferring  to an alternative High School from your previous school ? It definitely was because coming to pulse was a great change of myself. The classes, the pm schools,Saturday school. It had you work twice as hard. Than my previous school. We had 80 mins of class which is 2 days of high school work. And strict rules that can determine a great response on the outside. Also they created  a college credit class that can prepare you for your college. If it wasn’t for the boost of the teachers , principal, counselor pushing me to graduate I don’t know where I would be.

       My turning point for me is to graduate high school June 27, 2017 so i can definitely get ready for fall semester in college. My goal is  to go to a community college for 2 years and transfer to John Jay. Which is a criminal justice college. And become a CSI (crime scene investigator).