Kenya Fernandez

I’m Kenya Fernandez, I am A 17 year old girl that will be turning 18 in June. I was born here in the Bronx on June 27. Out of all the people I know and all the family members I have, out of all them I was most close with my cousin Nia. A turning point in my life was when she moves more than 100 miles away. I know what you probably thinking 100 miles isn’t as much but, compare to when she live two houses up and I was seeing her EVERYDAY! It makes A HUGE difference. Me and Nia were more than cousins, she was my best friend. Her leaving New York hurt me so much, I feel as if I lost my other half. What upsets me more is she was forced to leave without telling me. She always told me she was leaving, but when a person tells you a story multiple and it don’t happen you tend to not listen after a while. She told me it was officially she was really moving, but she didn’t tell me exactly when. She didn’t know herself… I found out TWOOO WHOLE DAYSSS AFTER she left that she was gone for good. I seen her father and he told me the story I smiled in his face and told him I was happy for her and that she have a better life and future out there, but little did he know deep down inside I was broken. Not only was I upset that she was gone, I was extra upset because I have been told TWO DAYS AFTER, NO heads up NO nothing, not even a clue at all. I thought to myself I could of had a go away party for her, we could of went out to eat or to the movies one last time SOMETHING! But, No. I currently still live in New York, I lived in the same place since I was 5 years old.


I now attend a credit recovery school called PULSE High School, I like my school a lot it opened a lot of opportunity for me, in so much ways. My school has less classes, but you earn more credits faster. I’m good with participating with anything they involve me such as extra classes and more. My school also have a program called LTW, short for learning to work and it’s great because not only do they teach you basic skills, but they also offer you jobs to work and you actually get paid.


Outside of school I love to enjoy myself with my friends having fun. Me and my friends, some way some how we find something to do, even if it’s just staying indoors or going outside. We go out on movie dates, out to eat, or just walking around to the park or something when we go out OR stay in watch movies, cooking something we can all eat, playing uno and MUCH MORE. something I’m good at is talking to my friends I honestly feel that I’m good with giving advice even though sometimes I don’t even listen to my own advice. I feel that I got this way because I been threw soo much that I can actually relate to most of the things my friends go to and I’ll give them the best advice I can, even advice so they can avoid what I been threw myself. It’s up to them to actually take my advice or ignore it .