Justin Cordero

I am Justin Cordero, but you can call me Big Homie Jay. I’m 18 years old. I’m a senior in high school. I love to play sports and video games. I’m from the Bronx. I was born on July 18, 1998. A big turning point in my life was when my grandmother died a few years back. She was my main support system, my grandmother, my best friend and my everything. I had to adjust to not having her in my life anymore which took some time and I had to do so at a critical time in my stages of maturing which led me to do things in life that I’m not proud of. I learned from my mistakes though and will be graduating in June which is my first step to bettering myself and preparing myself for adulthood. I’m a Bronx native born and raised I’ve lived in the same apartment in the same neighborhood my whole life. Although I have a second apartment upstate which is like a getaway for me in my parents’ house which is in Wappinger Falls, New York. That place lets me see a different way of life. The people are much more courteous and the communities are much quieter. I’m used to the city where you can go outside hear music, see people walking around, walk to the store and see the hardships of the neighborhood. When I’m upstate, it’s peaceful and quiet. I could walk around and just think about my life and what I have to do to get where I wanna be without all the distractions of the city life. 

I’m not gonna lie, I don’t like much about school. I will say that I do like my science, art and English classes. I’m mostly interested in passing my classes and graduating in June and I also need this p.m credit (so don’t fail me, Paul). I do plan on going to college after high school I just need to figure out what my major will be. 

Although I don’t have a lot of enjoyments inside of school I have a couple outside of school. I’m really good at sports. Growing up I played baseball for a few different teams made all-star teams. I also became fond of basketball as I got older playing in my local parks with friends and family. I’m also very good at video games. Growing up, besides sports, I didn’t have much freedom. My mother always wanted me home. So after I was finished with my homework I played games for most of my spare time. I became really good. Until this day, I still play games from time to time.