Derek Aponte

My name is Derek Aponte and I am currently enrolled in Pulse High School. I can’t wait to graduate it’s going to be a huge accomplishment for me last year 2016 was suppose to be my graduation year, But I was always told never to give up when I first entered pulse I only needed 7 credits, now I am only needing 4, it’s not hard to get your credits and do what you have to do.


Before attending pulse I wasn’t doing what I had to do I was stuck I was so worried I wasn’t going to be able to graduate without having to do a G.E.D. program. Where I went wrong was when I kept choosing my friends or other responsibilities. I never would attend class on a daily basis I would go and leave school early to work or hang out, But I ran into a problem where I hit a barrier when i couldn’t get anymore higher in the chain of command without having a diploma, it’s different in P.U.L.S.E you can’t just leave whenever you want to so I won’t have to worry about anything but just school, And I appreciate having people encouraging me to stay in school and i and I feel lucky for that second opportunity.


I found out about pulse through my cousin she graduated in 2015 and she was telling me I should go to pulse because she seen I was very close to giving up but she told me about this school. Now that im here im happy that I found out about this school it has helped me a lot and I was able to get the credits that I need.