Cristal Lebron

   My name is Cristal. I am a very understandable and kind person from time to time bipolar. I love makeup. It’s something i love to do. I have lived in the bronx for part of my life. Something important that was turning point in my life was coming to pulse. Before i was one of those students that really didn’t care about school like that. At first the beginning of 9th grade i was doing good till as i reached every grade i started getting lazy till now things are changing little by little.

In school i really like to stick to myself. I find it more peaceful sticking to myself not dealing with any drama. In school im good in english class and other classes if i put the effort into them. Some teachers just don’t motivate you to do what you have to do and to be honest it would be good to have some motivation at least from teachers.

Outside of school i like to just go home and rest. I be feeling too stressed with school so home is my happy place. Sometimes i chill with friends when i’m in the mood. Outside of school i like to go out and go shopping. I got this way ever since i started losing friends i barely have friends and i actually feel better like that.