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Educational Video Center’s New Media Arts Apprenticeship

The P.U.L.S.E. New Media Arts Apprenticeship is part of a project supported by the HIVE Digital Media Learning Fund in the New York Community Trust, and it is designed to innovate, spread, and scale the Educational Video Center’s New Media Arts Apprenticeship (NMAA), engaging youth across five after-school workshop sites in partnership with the New York City Writing Project (NYCWP) and the Computer Resource Centers of  New York City Parks (CRC). The project’s work products will include: interactive websites addressing issues of importance collaboratively produced by students each semester, at each site; blog posts on Youth Voices, and portfolios created by each student giving evidence of their learning; online curriculum and Youth Voices playlists created by facilitators who test, scale, and adapt EVC’s model to the context of each afterschool learning site.

This project is designed to give New Language Learners and overage and under-credited high school students a greater opportunity to earn high school academic credit and early college credit by contributing remotely on-line to the project and to their portfolios when they are unable to attend the workshop.

The partners and schools in this project are expanding the reach and magnifying the impact of EVC’s after-school workshop engaging students in the collaborative creation of interactive websites that empower youth to take civic action on an issue of personal importance to them. Students may earn high school social studies, English, technology, elective or art credit learning to shoot video and photography, gain basic mastery in open source and industry-standard digital media imaging and editing tools, and remix archival EVC youth documentaries.

Building on the depth of our team’s collective experience with portfolios, on-line learning, literacy and media production, the partners aim to effectively spread their pedagogical practices and products across diverse after-school learning environments by: 1) Developing and testing new strategies for combining on-line and in-person learning; 2) Aligning the curriculum and portfolios with high school and CUNY entry-level digital media program requirements; 3) Offering professional development where NYCWP and CRC facilitators learn alongside students.